Which thickness of engineered flooring is best?

This is a tricky question, in truth – there is no ‘right’ answer.


A standard board thickness is around 15mm and it will usually include approximately 4mm top layer. A 4mm top layer can usually be sanded and refinished 3-4 times, which would give it a 50+ year lifespan! Whilst it is true that thicker floors typically have thicker wear layers (~6mm) and can be sanded more times, in our experience, most people explore other options for refreshing floors such as intensive cleaning solutions before contemplating sanding. Therefore, the question is really do you see yourself needing to sand the floor? If so, how many times?
It is also best to keep in mind that when most floors are sanded, they lose their colour, texture and bevelling – which is especially true for brushed and distressed woods.

Solid feel underfoot

Providing the sub-floor is sturdy, in our opinion, there is no noticeable difference between the way one thickness of flooring feels to another when the floor is well installed. We have varying thicknesses of floorings installed in our flooring showrooms in Twickenham and Richmond, we invite you to test them!

Underfloor heating

In short, the thinner the better as this allows for a better transference of heat. For more information on suitability for underfloor heating, see our response here.

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