Terms and Conditions

We know that T&C’s are boring.

At Woven & Woods, we make every effort to be that local, friendly establishment and therefore, have tried to make our terms of business as readable as possible.

Whilst there is a lot of material to digest, and it may not all be relevant to your purchase – it’s definitely worth a read as there is some useful and important information that should help to build a mutual understanding of process between us.

Basically, the following conditions outline our commitment to you and express the expectations of Woven & Woods and its respective installation team(s) in order to achieve a smooth, enjoyable experience for all involved.

We should start by saying that the following terms, conditions and guidelines do not affect your statutory rights, nor are they specifically limited to this to this document. If you feel that there’s something not covered here please feel free contact us with your query.

You’ll be glad to know that once we submitted it to you, a formal quotation is valid for 30 days. Quotations are provided on the basis that your sub-floor is suitable for installation of the flooring you have selected without the need for additional work. It is your responsibility to ensure that this is the case. Any preparation work that we have accounted for is there to make sure that your new flooring is laid within the manufacturer’s guidelines (and for a good finish). Preparation work is not considered remedial work for correcting faulty sub-floors, noises or existing movement. Woven & Woods does not absorb any responsibility for your sub-floor or any issues that may occur as a direct result of sub-floor problems either immediately or belatedly. In short, your sub-floor should be in good repair, flat and dry. If you have any doubts regarding the condition of your sub floor please inform us as it could affect the appearance, feel and longevity of your new flooring.

Please note that during site surveys we can only account for what we can see, we’ll do our best to assess conditions for areas that have existing floor-coverings in situ and advise solutions for areas that have no sub-floor. Despite a wealth of experience, we cannot guarantee that our guesswork is entirely correct. Therefore, we cannot be held accountable for amendments to costs or materials. We will discuss any changes with you before we do so and we’re also happy to conduct a second survey if needed. Likewise, if after we have surveyed, you make changes to adjoining floors, sub-floor heights and materials used it is important you let us know as we may need to alter the products we supply you. Failure to notify us of post-survey changes may result in additional costs, these are to be absorbed by the customer.

Despite our best efforts, things don’t always go to plan. We really try our hardest to make sure mistakes happen as infrequently as possible. In the unlikely event that we do get something wrong, we absolutely promise to do everything we can to rectify the problem swiftly, causing as little inconvenience as we can. If you would like raise a complaint, please just bring your concern to our attention in writing and we’ll reply (the same day, but if not) within 72 hours.

We’re very proud of the products we house and suppliers that we source from. Typically, goods we retail come with a manufacturer’s guarantee or warranty. For more information with regards to the guarantee on the specific product(s) you have selected please contact us. In respect of labour, our service guarantee is to cover workmanship via our recommended craftspeople and is limited to 12 months from the initial installation date. This guarantee is void if the flooring is subject to negligence, misuse, improper maintenance, and if repairs or modifications have been carried out by anyone other than an agent of Woven & Woods. We cannot guarantee suitability of or accept liability for any materials supplied by the customer. Use of such materials may affect your installation and/or product guarantee. Again, we advise that you contact us if you are unsure.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, all balances must be clear prior to installation. Unpaid balances may result in postponement of agreed dates.

Orders can only be cancelled without penalty prior to the despatch of goods from our suppliers. Thereafter, it is likely that cancellations and returns will be subject to re-stocking fees and courier costs. No cancellations or returns can be made for orders where materials such as carpets have been cut or when products have been made to order.

We have a strict no returns policy for goods ordered on a supply only basis – it is the customer’s (and/or their installer’s) responsibility to check that the requirements are correct prior to confirming the order.

The installation dates we commit to are given in good faith, these almost always go ahead as planned but in the event of a delay, one of the Woven & Woods team will contact you as soon as possible to inform you and find a suitable solution. We do not accept responsibility for nor can we compensate for when delays are beyond our control (such as a manufacturing setbacks or external delivery problems).

We assume responsibility for the quality of and relevant arrangements for installation. Whilst the work is carried out by self-employed sub-contractors, should anything not be quite right please let us know. Our craftspeople are vetted, checked, known to us and they all hold public liability insurance too. Our installers are experienced and look to undertake the work with care, but even with the greatest attention there is a chance that décor may be scuffed during installation. This is especially true with large, heavy carpets. New paintwork is particularly vulnerable and should be allowed to fully cure; a minimum of 2 weeks is recommended. If it helps, we’re happy to deliver carpets before the decorating is completed in order to reduce the risk of marking walls at no extra cost. Unless through negligence, neither Woven & Woods or the installer will absorb the cost for any re-decoration. In the event that a claim is to be raised for damage caused, we will oversee the matter but reserve the right to consider the sub-contractor and/or their respective insurer (if needed) the first point of responsibility.

It’s really important that you highlight any concealed pipes or cables to the sub-contractor as neither Woven & Woods or its agents can be held accountable in the event of accidental damage to hidden or hard to see pipes or cables. Please bring to our attention the use of any existing or proposed underfloor heating as we’ll need to make sure that the floor you have selected is suitable. It is especially important to highlight when using an overlay system as this likely to affect the installation method for wood flooring.

Cancellations of installation bookings require a minimum notice of 48 hours. Obviously, it’d be great to know of any delays as early as possible as this will give us a greater chance of accommodating your new dates and finding work for our sub-contractors. Unless arrangements can be made to cover the installer’s loss of earnings, a short-notice cancellation will incur a charge of £200.00. For installation to commence as agreed, there should adequate parking, good access, and provisions for water and electricity. Furthermore, the area(s) should be clear of building materials and tools. Unless otherwise agreed, rooms must be free of furniture and existing flooring. We offer uplift, disposal and moving furniture services, these require notice and are chargeable. If you require these services please inform us at the time of ordering. We know that it’s not always feasible, but it would be ideal for our installers to be the only people working within the area. Other contractors may impede performance of service; affecting both the length of time the work will take and the quality of the work. If the area is not clear, ready and workable on the day of installation you may be subject to the aforementioned charge.

For wood and laminate installations, the moisture content of a screed or concrete sub-floor must be under 1.8%. Whilst it’s not scientifically proven, moisture in the sub-floor typically dissipates at around 1mm per day once the area is sealed (doors and windows installed), and all other ‘wet’ work has been completed and is cured, (this includes plumbing, plaster work and painting). The introduction of moisture into the room’s atmosphere will slow the drying time down. The area should be at a standard room temperature (18 – 20 degrees C) and humidity (approximately 50%). You can keep an eye on these with a digital monitor which are widely available online. Please note that extremes of weather (hot, cold or wet) can also impact the drying time, therefore it’s really difficult to predict an exact timeframe for screed/concrete drying. Maintaining work schedules including accounting for drying times are the sole responsibility of the builder or respective trade. We can help you monitor the moisture content and offer solutions for sub-floors that are not drying quick enough and will be happy to provide a quotation for this work upon request.

Thank you for reading this! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8408 2214 or using the form below.

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