What’s the difference between a stair runner and a stair carpet?

A stair runner is a long, narrower strip of carpet or woven fabric that covers the middle portion of the stairs, exposing the edges. It often becomes the focal point of a hallway. On the other hand, a stair carpet covers the entire staircase, up to the edges. It provides a subtle and more fully carpeted look.

There are a number of fashion-led stair runner producers, including Off the Loom, Fleetwood Fox and Roger Oates.

We also offer an in-house bespoke service, allowing you to create a runner that is perfect for your home. Examples of some of our most popular designs – including grey herringbone runners, taped edge runners, striped runners and sisal runners – can be seen in our Bespoke by Woven & Woods range. While these can be great for inspiration, you’re also free to mix and match to find something that’s truly unique to you.

You can see many (real-life) examples of stair runners in Richmond and Twickenham on our Instagram and Pinterest.

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