How much does a wood floor cost?

When you’re looking at a wood floor cost can vary considerably. There are always exceptions but in order to provide some pointers, there are typically three main factors that will have an effect on the price:

  1. The width and length of the plank. Usually the wider, longer planks are from older, larger trees and are therefore priced accordingly. Our wide range of wood flooring includes both extra long and extra wide plank wood floors, so we’re sure we can help you find one that works for your style and budget.
  2. The manufacturing process (and number of processes). Products that require unique processes (such as hand-crafting, smoking, fuming etc.) or a higher number of processes to create the texture (for example: distressing, sawn marks, tumbling etc.) tend to be at higher price points.
  3. Grading. Wood is graded – usually from ‘rustic’ (natural and characterful, with large and small knots, sapwood, variance, cracks and resin fills) to ‘prime’ (calm, with no or very few small knots, no sapwood, little variance, no cracks and resin fills). Rustic wood is more widely available and is therefore more affordable.

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