9 11, 2021

Flooring by Woodpecker: Sustainable, Yet Attainable


When we started Woven & Woods back in 2014, we set out to do things a bit differently. Part of our approach in this regard has been by working with suppliers who share our passion for beautiful floors and sustainable practices and materials. One of the amazing suppliers we work with is Woodpecker--a

Flooring by Woodpecker: Sustainable, Yet Attainable2022-08-16T00:01:37+01:00
6 02, 2020

What’s Good for Wood?


If you’d like to read this blog in it’s comprehensiveness, then great! Thank you! Please see below… On the other hand, those that know me know I rabbit on, so here’s the abridged version of my ‘What’s Good for Wood?’ for those short of time: Do: Vacuum as regularly as you can. Use floor-wipes,

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5 08, 2016

Engineered Wood Flooring by Panaget


You can ask my other half, I can be a tad challenging. Although, she would probably throw in ‘difficult’ and a few expletives too! Not really, she’s not that sort of person. Winky-face Emoji. Recently, I took a good measure of my challenging personality to Panaget’s area representative: In short, I said “What makes

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